VAS Connoisseur Salon “Carnival & Cabaret”

VAS Connoisseur Salon

“Carnival & Cabaret”

Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts

above and beyond life’s trivialities!

VAS Connoissur Salon “Carnival & Cabaret”
May 31, 2018 6-9 pm
Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts
481 S. Federal Hwy, 2nd Floor, Dania Beach, FL 33004

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Venetian Art Society and the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts invite you to celebrate the art of having fun at our Carnival & Cabaret evening on Thursday May, 31st, 2018.

The newest exhibition at WMODA explores the flamboyant festival of Venice and the decadent cabarets of the roaring twenties as seen through the eyes of European porcelain artists.

Carnival in Venice, the largest porcelain sculpture ever made by Lladró, is the centerpiece of the show and teems with masked revelers in the city of canals and gondolas.

Join Harlequin, Columbine and the flirtatious flappers and vamps of the Art Deco era for a magical VAS Connoisseur salon set to the music of virtuoso classical guitarist Jose Angel Navarro and the Afro-Cuban percussion of Andres Polanco.


The Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts is a non-profit museum dedicated to the fired arts of ceramics and glass. This world-class museum presents stunning historical collections of ceramic art from Britain, Europe and South Africa, as well as an outstanding collection of Chihuly glass. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to enjoy America’s newest museum of decorative arts after dark!


The VAS Connoisseur Salon is yet another 21st century version of the “Art Salon” experience…an intimate and interactive performance-educational-social concept with a mission to unify our society through world class visual and performing arts. Please join us for a complete artistic experience with food, wine, and stimulating conversation…where art compliments art


Venetian Arts Society is extremely proud to present Jose Angel Navarro. Jose was born in Güines, a small southern town in Havana province, Cuba, and went on to international fame, especially in Europe and Asia, as one of the world’s foremost guitar virtuosi of the classical genre as well as the Afro-Cuban folk genre of his native Cuba.

Jose grew up in an ordinary, simple and relatively uneducated family, with no precedents that any of his ancestors were previously dedicated to music professionally. Nevertheless, Navarro had an inclination towards music and art in general, listening intuitively to Jazz, Classical and Instrumental music. From those very early years of his childhood, Navarro had a strong desire to play musical instruments. They all became his favorite toys. He used to imitate, by ear, the melodies he heard on the Radio and TV.

The guitar has also been a very popular musical instrument used in traditional Country Cuban music, and there were several musical groups playing that kind of music at that time. His hometown, Güines, is one of the most well-known towns in Cuba for its tradition of preserving Afro Cuban folk music, and it was also an excellent and important source for musicians that had transcended Cuban frontiers. Listening regularly to the sound of the “ceremonial and traditional drums”, Navarro had acquired a special kind of taste for the complex and dense polyrhythmic beats that were growing inside of him, but there was a peculiarity.

He was not interested in learning how to play the so-called “ceremonial drums”. Navarro wanted to play the guitar. Thus, he started to familiarize himself with the guitar with the intention of translating the beats and sounds of the “ceremonial drums” to the guitar. In his intuitive and self-taught manner, he developed and improvised a methodology that today gives the shape to his works based on Afro Cuban influences.

In the words of the song from the award-winning movie
“Willkommen – Bienvenue – Welcome – to Cabaret”
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