Dr. Michael Caldwell, Piano

The Venetian Salon at John Knox Village

Dr. Michael Caldwell, piano

Village Centre Auditorium

Saturday, June 23, 2018 6:00-9:00 PM Salon Concert

VAS/JKV Members $35.00 General Public $50.00

Michael Caldwell, D.M.A., Special Assistant to the Dean and Professor of Music in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, is an award-winning concert pianist, dedicated educator, and former United States diplomat. Being the son of two educators, he has placed an unyielding value on higher learning, having spent the last 42 years in academia in various capacities including Associate Dean at Broward College, Professor and Founding Chairperson of Visual and Performing Arts at North Carolina A & T State University, Professor and Founding Director of the Performing and Visual Arts at Nova Southeastern University.

As three-time U.S. Artistic Ambassador to Africa, Asia, Italy, South America, Middle East, Dr. Caldwell used his musical training and experience as Chair of the University of Tennessee at Martin Multicultural Commission, three-time National Diversity Committee Chair for the College Music Society, and CBS news reporter to learn about and engage with culture from a place of respect. His multi-faceted contributions to society have allowed him to champion artistic causes as well as those of social justice to transcend all boundaries, whether the boundaries are between countries or people. For Dr. Caldwell, the power of music has not only taken him around the world, it has helped remove some of the barriers that separate us from one another.