Welcome to GENVAS

Mission Statement
GENVAS, “Generation” Venetian Arts Society, is committed to nurturing the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of all people through purposeful, thought provoking, and enlightening artistic experiences, while, simultaneously, celebrating the multi-cultural and inter-generational diversity of the South Florida community. The GENVAS 21st century ULTRA Art Salons are artistic, educational, and social experiences that promote intimate and interactive participation with world class master artists, art connoisseurs, as well as art novices yearning for a complete artistic experience. It is imperative we nurture the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of the strong and resilient South Florida community. While doing so, we will show South Florida at its best…sophisticated, international, and compassionate…a world class cultural arts destination!  

Vision Statement
The GENVAS Salons present powerful messages of hope, inspiration, and unity by employing state of the art technology to make this noble artistic and humanitarian vision a reality! We envision a future in which racism is eliminated and diversity, equality, and inclusion thrive and are celebrated. 


GENVAS, imaging new ways to dream…. above and beyond life’s trivialities!