VAS Art Salon at ArtServe

VAS Art Salon at ArtServe

September 27, 2018 6-9 pm
To benefit Broward County Guardianship Association
1350 East Sunrise Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Antique Appraisal Fair: Trash to Treasure with Whitehurst & Associates of Antiques Roadshow
Art Brazil Exhibition and Agenor Garcia, Brazilian Contemporary Piano
VAS/JKV Residents $35.00 General Public $50.00


Please join us on Thursday, September 27, 2018 at Artserve from 6-9 pm for an evening celebrating Art Brazil…featuring an extensive exhibition of the work of Brazilian artists and a cameo performance by Agenor Garcia, renowned Brazilian contemporary jazz pianist!

With a perfect balance of in-the-moment improvisation, Agenor Garcia compositions, jazz and classical rendering, it is a must-see concert“.- The Blue Note Magazine

Agenor Garcia or “Age Garcia” as his friends call him, is a pianist who creates his own musical style. He is first and foremost an improviser, and greatly cherishes the surprise and wonder that can occur from a spontaneous musical idea that is expressed in real time. As he plays, he listens as ideas unfold and this inspires him to the next improvisational movement.

He is also fascinated by the idea of transforming the formal structure of music, which actually serves to stimulate the expressiveness of his improvisation.



Art Brazil will include an Antique Appraisal Fair: Trash to Treasure with Whitehurst & Associates of Antiques Roadshow benefiting Broward County Guardianship Association (BCGA) in the main auditorium with the Art Brazil Art Salon in the main gallery of Artserve. Admission with one (1) item for appraisal $50.00. Extremely Limited Appraisals!

BCGA is a tax exempt 501©3 organization founded in 1990 for the improvement of guardianship services. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Federal ID# 65-0304731. Governed by a Board of Directors representing Broward County, Florida, BCGA is dedicated to pormoting the protection, dignity, and value of incapacitated persons through a code of ethics, advocacy and the dissemination of information. BCGA’s mission also includes a focus on furthering the professionalization of guardians as accountable court representatives through education, networking, and legislative action.

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